Syracuse Journal: Rose’s Midgets & Pepito Please Kids at Keith’s Theater (1929)

Thursday, June 27, 1929

By Helen S. Brown, Syracuse Journal

By all means take the kids to Keith’s before the week is over.  The bill is made for them, and they’ll adore it.  First come Ike Rose’s midgets—a troupe of talented little mites from the four corners of the earth.  Among the most notable of their number were an ineffably blonde baby named Mr. Kurt, who drew delighted ohs and ahs from the women for his cuteness; a small, tanned little Javanese prince who did a funny, hopscotch sort of dance; Gladys, a sweet-voiced, dainty songbird; Mr. Marcell, who did amazing feats of juggling; and Ivan Turner, a small colored person who sang and danced as well as the best of them, midget or no midget.

The opening act was Pepito, the Spanish clown. This is really a pretty high-class act, from the point of view of originality and gay, brightly colored modern toys and animals.  Pepito, himself, has some marvelous make-ups, and his imitation of a baby crying is a classic. 

The other act on the bill, Tyler Mason, is a blackface song and patter, which got over all right with the audience.  

The picture is “The Exalted Flapper,” a take-off on Her Majesty, Queen Marie of Rumania and her late visit to these United States.  Irene Rich is the queen to a “T”; Albert Conti is amusing as the downtrodden king consort; and Sue Carol is an ingenuous flapper princess.  The other roles are Bimbo, the press agent for the royal party, played by that excellent delineator of sardonic and mutterably lazy reporters, Mr. Stuart Irwin; and Prince Boris, whom a too-handsome lad named Barry Norton plays with an eye to his profile. The story is a trite little thing and has been told and retold, but this version is often amusing, and the good cast helps to freshen it up a bit.




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