•Joanne & The Lost Pilot of I Love Lucy•

“I Love Lucy: The Lost Pilot” (1951)

Friday, March 2, 1951 Pepito played a large supporting role as himself, Pepito the Spanish Clown, in the pilot for the “I Love Lucy” show.   Five months pregnant, Lucy stepped before the live TV cameras at Studio A at CBS…

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1951 “Lucy” Pilot Beats 1990 Shows (1990)

Wednesday, May 2, 1990 NEW YORK (Associated Press) America still loves Lucy — particularly the pilot for what became CBS’s classic “I Love Lucy” series.  No matter that the show was made during the Korean war, when Harry S. Truman…

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All That’s Left: A Lasting Impression (1990)

Wednesday, April 11, 1990 For those who still love Lucy, there’s more to love. An audition film (these days known as a pilot) for “I Love Lucy,” which runs 34 minutes and has never been seen on television, will be…

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