Portraits on the Dance Studio Walls

All who entered Joanne Perez’s dance studio will remember the striking vintage portraits on the walls, encircling the room above the mirrors. Would you like to see them again? Scroll down.

Joanne’s husband Jose Escobar Perez, “Pepito, the Spanish Clown,” used his skills as an artist to apply oil paints on top of photographic enlargements of their vaudeville and nightclub publicity pictures, to “colorize” the originally black-and-white images.

Do you have any clues to the names of two “mystery women” in the portraits? Leave a reply below.

3 thoughts on “Portraits on the Dance Studio Walls

  1. I was a ballet student of Joanne’s in the 80’s. I danced for ten years. I have very fond memories of my time there. I visited her once when I moved out the area. I often thought of her. She was a great ballet teacher and wonderful woman.


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