VIDEO: Pepito’s Filmography: “Golden Earrings” Starring Ray Milland & Marlene Dietrich (1947)

Wednesday, August 27, 1947

Pepito Perez (real name, Jose Escobar Perez) has an uncredited role as “Gypsy Boy” in this Ray Milland and Marlene Dietrich adventure film, “Golden Earrings.”   

Pepito Perez headshot in makeup and costume as Gypsy Boy in Paramount’s Marlene Dietrich-Ray Milland starrer, “Golden Earrings.”

In the fight scene, Pepito is a mustached man with shoulder-length dark hair, a vest, and a gold earring, seated on the ground in a cluster of people behind Marlene Dietrich. Watch the entire motion picture below, courtesy of

Video Challenge: find Pepito Perez’s scenes with Marlene Dietrich.
Marlene Dietrich, center, and Pepito Perez, right.
In a continuity goof-up, Pepito can be seen in the last moments of the second scene, dressed and mustached as he was in the first scene.  
In the musical interlude scene, Pepito Perez is a clean-shaven man with hair combed back, seated near the right hand (screen left) of singer Murvyn Vye.  

Actors: Ray MillandMarlene DietrichMurvyn VyeDennis Hoey

Golden Earrings (1947) Pepito Perez (real name, Jose Escobar Perez), Actor …. Gypsy Boy … (uncredited role).

Synopsis: Based on a novel by Yolanda Foldes, this confusing romantic adventure concerns a love affair and international espionage. Told in flashback, British officer Ralph Denistoun (Ray Milland) recounts the story to American journalist Quentin Reynolds.


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