VIDEO: Lucille Ball Biographer Kathleen Brady Explains Pepito’s Involvement In How “I Love Lucy” Came to Be (2019)

From the “Great Lives” lecture series at Mary Washington University, watch author Kathleen Brady recount the life and career of Lucille Ball, and how the television series “I Love Lucy” was created in 1951. For details on about Pepito’s involvement in the production of the audition (pilot) episode, scroll the video to minute 35:00.

The fascinating story of how the kinescoped recording of the 1951 audition for “I Love Lucy” was “missing” for decades, and later presented to CBS in 1990 by Pepito’s widow Joanne Perez, is the subject of multiple posts on

Available in paperback and Kindle versions.

About Kathleen Brady

Kathleen Brady is the author of the critically well-received “Lucille, The Life of Lucille Ball.” She also wrote “Ida Tarbell: Portrait of a Muckraker.” In recognition of this work she was named a Fellow of the Society of American Historians. Her website is She blogs at
Photo Credit: Michelle Bergman

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