Schenectady Gazette: Dance Flash Act and Pepito On Second RKO Bill At Proctor’s (1929)

Thursday, September 12, 1929

The second RKO bill, presented at Proctor’s yesterday, is up to the standard set at the opening of the week, and line up to the HKO promise of bigger and better vaudeville.

“Flashlights,” a dance flash act that is quite out of the ordinary, is the headliner of the bill.  Two clever young boys, Evans and Pitts, are featured, and they are supported by an octet of attractive young girls who are able to step best of them.  It is full of novelties and is one of the best acts of the kind that has been seen here.

And then there is Pepito, the Spanish clown. Pepito is a whole show in himself and still he has two or three assistants.  The only one featured is Juanita*, a shapely young woman who is almost as versatile as the clown himself.   It is a wonderful offering that this talented buffoon presents.  He gives some of the most marvelous imitations imaginable, and all in an original manner that keeps the spectators applauding.  His imitations of birds and beasts; a little girl and the crying babe; his bicycling act and his other tricks and clowning must be seen to be appreciated.  Pepito carries a carload of properties.

*Juanita was Joanne’s stage name when performing with Pepito.


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