Watertown New York Daily Times: Big Time Keith Bill at Avon; Pepito the World Renowned Spanish Clown Offers A Wealth of Entertainment (1925)

Saturday, April 4, 1925

Pepito, the world renowned Spanish clown offers, a wealth of entertainment amid beautiful settings and gorgeous costumes.  He is the master mimic of them all, and his specialties are wonderful and amazing. Miss Rosita* adds much to the offering with a saxophone solo and a cornet duet with another artist that is most pleasing.  Pepito is certainly an entertainer; his number of a crying baby is realistic and a ventriloquist number is masterful. Pepito is a versatile artist and his offering is a wonder of color and artistry.

* Rosita was the stage name of Margaret Shorey, Pepito’s first American female stage partner after he immigrated to the United States.


Watertown NY Daily Times, April 4, 1925, column 7.

Newspaper Watertown NY Daily Times 1925 – 0055.PDF

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