Watertown New York Daily Times: Avon Bill Has Two Headliners; Pepito Makes Return Visit (1925)

Friday, April 3, 1925

One of the best programs of vaudeville that Watertown, New York theater goers have had the opportunity of seeing in a long time is now at the Avon theater and it promises to please all of the patrons of the theater who attend the Avon this week.  There are two real Keith headliners on the bill which are two of the best acts that Watertown has ever seen in vaudeville….

The other headliner was Pepito, The Spanish Clown.  This act was one of the cleverest acts that Watertown has ever seen and it brought a round of applause which kept the clown on the stage for more than his  allotted time, although the act was so pleasing that the time was unnoticed. 

Pepito was formerly the head clown in the Circus Parish In Madrid, Spain, and two and a half years ago he came to this country to tour in vaudeville.  His second appearance in this country was made in the Avon theater in this city [in 1922] and the Spaniard is now enjoying the renewing of old acquaintances in the city.  Pepito has one of the funniest and cleverest make ups that has ever been seen on a clown, and every detail of his make up is new and original. 

He rides the smallest bicycle in existence, and makes many imitations, such as a crying baby, a chicken, a rooster, a dog. an engine, the noise of a saw, a plane and many other clever and original imitations which are executed with his mouth and without the aid of any device.  He acts at a ventriloquist and makes his own doll by painting the back of his band to resemble the doll’s face and holding the body of the doll in his hand. 

The young lady* of the company is a pretty artist and a skilled saxophonist. Her solos were enjoyed and her playing of a cornet duet with another member of the troupe were well received. The children were especially well pleased with Pepito.

The young lady was almost certainly Margaret Shorey, Pepito’s first American female stage partner after he immigrated to the United States.  She went by the stage name “Rosita.”


Watertown NY Daily Times, April 3, 1925.

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