Variety: Pepito Wins Judgment in Lawsuit Against Agent Burt Earle (1925)

Wednesday, July 29, 1925

Pepito, also known as Jose Escobar, acrobatic clown, was given judgment in a suit brought against him by Burt Earle, concessioner who claimed half of “Pepito’s” earnings for five years under an alleged contract. Escobar speaks no English and was aided in the suit by Margaret Shorey, his stage partner. Escobar and Miss Shorey both speak French. and the latter was present when the contract was discussed. Later, she said Escobar became dissatisfied with the agreement, and Earle was supposed to have destroyed the contract. However, she learned that it was still in existence after the suit was filed. Escobar declared that Earle had not been able to keep him busy, and that he was more successful in securing his own contracts.


Variety, July 29, 1925, page 18, column 4.

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