“The New Book of Lists”: Joanne Perez Mentioned in List of 9 Valuable Artworks Found Unexpectedly (2005)

Saturday, January 1, 2005

Joanne is mentioned on page 117 of The New Book of Lists, published in 2005, under the category of “9 Valuable Artworks Found Unexpectedly.”  

4.  Under A Bed

Joanne Perez, the widow of vaudeville performer Pepito the Spanish Clown, discovered the only existing copy of the pilot for the TV series I Love Lucy when she cleaned out the area underneath her bed.  Pepito had coached Lucille Ball and had guest-starred in the pilot.  Ball and her husband, Desi Arnaz, had given the copy to Pepito as a gift in 1951, and it had remained under the bed for almost 40 years.


The New Book of Lists: The Original Compendium of Curious Information, By David Wallechinsky, Amy Wallace, Published by Canongate U.S., 2005, ISBN 1841957194, 9781841957197.


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