VIDEO: Pepito the Spanish Clown Reenactor at Fairhaven Cemetery (2003)

Sunday, June 1, 2003

This is a wonderful video clip from the Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society’s 2003 Fairhaven Cemetery historical tour.  Volunteer actors re-enacted the highlights of the lives of some of the famous people interred there, including Pepito Perez (real name Jose Escobar Perez), known in vaudeville and on I Love Lucy as “Pepito the Clown” or “Pepito the Spanish Clown.”   The wonderful, original script was written by Ms. Sara Guerrero.  

Pepito’s wife, Joanne Perez, was the source for the fascinating biographical details about their life together as a husband-and-wife team in show business.  Joanne passed away the following year and is now buried next to Pepito at Fairhaven Cemetery.  

The role of Pepito was played by Mr. Aurelio Locsin, a talented Filipino-American playwright, director, actor, and long-time company member of Rude Guerrilla Theater Company in Orange County, California.  To learn more about Mr. Locsin, visit his blog at

Many thanks to the Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society for allowing me to post this video.  

Please visit to learn about this wonderful organization and their work to preserve memories about, and places within, Santa Ana, California.

More information on the 2003 Cemetery Tour is available at

Video Copyright © Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society.   Used with permission. Not to be reproduced without permission.

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