Pittsburgh Press: Famous Clown Pepito in Hollywood (1943)

Sunday, May 16, 1943

HOLLYWOOD – If you want to brighten the day for the kids, and for anybody else you know, you can tell them that Pepito, probably the most famous clown of this generation and the one which preceded it, is back on the job — in Hollywood.

Two years ago, Pepito put away his red, white and black greasepaint and his celebrated trademark of the ovals around the eyes and mouth, the black nose and huge black lower lip, and decided that clowns, as such, were washed up.  Henceforth he would play character parts in pictures.  And he did, until director Mitchell Leisen started rehearsals of the circus dream sequence of “Lady in the Dark.”  Whereupon Pepito became both technical clown, joining a cast headed by Ginger Rogers, Ray Milland, Warner Baxter, and Jon Hall.


The Pittsburgh Press, May 16, 1943, Section 4, Page 7.


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