The Eugene Guard: A Twisting Marvel, Miss Joann Falcy (1926)

“Joann Falcy, a Twisting Marvel,” was literally born with one leg behind her head, and a natural ability for contorting her body. As a baby, she slept in the crib with her legs in a split position, causing her mother to worry that she might be deformed, but doctors assured her mother, Mrs. Janet Zettler that the young girl was perfectly normal. In Pepito and Juanita’s 1928 “Rag Doll” routine, Pepito would roll and toss Joanne around the stage as if she had no human joints. Photo courtesy of Shirley Gardner.

Friday, August 20, 1926

The Eugene (Oregon) Guard

Stage and Screen At the Heilig Theater Tonight

A twisting marvel is enough description of Miss Joann Falcy*, a new entrant into the world of vaudeville actors.  Miss Falcy is a mere lass of some 19 years, and is making her first appearance over the circuit.  She is a capable miss as was proved through her act which was novelty throughout.  Miss Falcy is just what her title says, a “Twisting Marvel.”  She bent her body in numerous positions and all the while entertained with dancing.

*Joann Falcy was the stage name for Margaret Zettler.  After marrying Pepito Perez, she settled on the name Joanne Perez.


The Eugene Guard, August 20, 1926, page

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