Milwaukee Sentinel: Joann Falcy ‘Comes Home’ (1926)

Friday, May 14, 1926

The Milwaukee Sentinel

Seventeen years ago Mrs. William Zettler, then living a 247 Twenty-Second Street, prayed that her baby should be perfect.

When Joann* arrived her left leg was snugly situated over her left shoulder.  As an infant she slept comfortably in a perfect split position.  Mrs. Zettler worried and called physicians to examine the child.  Their verdict always was favorable.  Joann was not deformed.

Three years ago, several years after the death of Mr. Zettler, who was a teller in the First Wisconsin National Bank, a professional acrobatic dancer “discovered” Joann.

Since then, under the name of Joann Falcy*, she has appeared all through the west and in motion pictures.  This week she is back in “the old home town” at the Majestic.  She was chosen one of ten from 300 aspirants seeking to appear with Annette Kellerman in a color picture not yet released.  A long contract awaits her with the Orpheum vaudeville circuit next fall.

*Joanne’s birth name was Margaret Janet Zettler or Margaret Janet Zetteler. Yet in these two articles from 1926, our Joanne is also referred to as Joann Falcy and Joann Zettler.  Here’s the back-story:

– Joanne’s mother’s maiden name was Jeanette Falcy, and her mother’s married name was Janet Zettler.

– Margaret decided on the stage name “Joan Falcy”, which was pronounced with a French accent, “Zho-ann Fal-say.”

– Over time, she migrated from Joan to Joann to Joanne.

– When she married Pepito, her legal name (as it appears on the Social Security Death Index) became Margaret E. Perez.  I assume the E was for Escobar.

– However, she preferred to be called Joanne Perez.

– Interestingly, in two interviews after Pepito’s death, she revived her stage name, and referred to herself as “Joan Falcy” again.


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