Variety Magazine: Pepito Reviewed For First Time By Top Theater and Vaudeville Weekly (1923)

Thursday, March 1, 1923

Pepito, the Spanish Clown, really does imitations but presents them as a clown, and introduces a comedy stunt with an auto which is the predominant hit of the act.   The special drop shows a desert and an abandoned auto.  After some comedy in which an imitation of a dog barking is a part, Pepito removes his comedy suit, handing it to a woman assistant, and then is dressed in a clown suit in which it is easier to get around, with heavy clown makeup but no wig — a noticeable absence. He fools around with the auto a time getting many laughs. He then concludes with imitations of a xylophone, dog barking, chicken and rooster, cow, pony, aeroplane, crying baby and the trainer of lions, in the latter using a whip and a sort of megaphone.  Pepito has the makings of a dandy act.”


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