Billboard Magazine: Pepito and Carmelo in Santos & Artigas Circus in Argentina (1919)

Thursday, December 18, 1919

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Santos & Artigas Circus is at present playing at The Coliseo, a beautiful theater at Buenos Aires, Argentina, for a seven weeks’ engagement. The company reached here after a safe trip over the Andes Mountains from Santiago, Chile, a three-day trip climbing 15,000 feet thru huge snow drifts. All were glad when they came down to the lower levels.

This circus is the largest that has ever come here. The program is complete. All acts are from the States, and it is the same company that played for seven months in Cuba last winter.

There are numerous small shows here, all doing well.  Of course, the public claims that the Santos & Artigas prices are high—two pesos admission ($1 in gold), but others shows charge S1.50, seventy-five cents for acts that have been here for years and are worn out.  Living here is worse than in Alaska.  Shoes cost $20, a $3 Stetson hat costs $15.  Any artist coming here must have plenty of money.

The Ernstonians are going big with the public here as are the Arleys, perch act. The Castrillions are getting in some sone work.  Edith Walton has put on several new tricks in her principal act, and with her beautiful horses, she is getting much applause. There are now seven clowns with the show, all doing new stuff, including the egg trick and the long shirt, but why go any further—you jokers understand.

Lamont’s Bird act is the talk of the show. Other acts include The Three Williams, Loretta Twins, Link-on Troupe, Jack and Foris, Ella & Co., Novikoff Troupe, The Dainty Girl: Miss Mijares, Los Areu, Pepito and Carmelo, Atayde and Atayde.  

On January 1, 1920, the show leaves for Uruguay, then to Brazil, and expects to be back in Cuba in time for the opening at Havana in November, 1921. 


The Billboard, January 24, 1920, column 4.

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