Billboard Magazine: Pepito With Pubillones Circus in Mexico (1917)

July 21, 1917

Pubillones Circus Doing Splendid Business in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

The Pubillones Circus closed this season only for a few days, while the Cuban revolution lasted. At present the show is in Merida, Yucatan, doing splendid business, and will close until October.  The new show for the winter season will then open and will travel over the Isle of Cuba, Mexico and Yucatan.  Antonio V. Pubillones also has the Grand National Theater, Havana, for three months, and will present comic opera and other large attractions.

List of acts with the circus:  Villaini Family, riders; Madam Lionia, performing dogs; Five Gomez, acrobats and gymnasts; Manzanero Family, globe and wire acts; Sr. Sugreno, the Cuban Kara; Mr. Manolo, contortionist; The Casados, comic acrobats; Riverito, bicyclist; Antonio Lopez, aerial teeth act; Hermanus Esperanzas, ladder act; Signore Victor, high school horse; Miss Clotilde, liberty horses; Clown Pito, famous in Central and South America; Clown Pepito, Cuba’s favorite; Clown Nitiche, Spanish August; Clown Arrinita, musical act; Clown Titi, tumbling midget; Jose Roman and Maria Teresa, Cuban songs and dances; Senor Lazaro, the Cuban Blondin; Mitzusa, Japanese juggler.




All kinds of Attractions, Artists doing several Acts preferred.

Must not depend on the language. Contract for forty weeks.

Address all Communications to ANTONIO V. PUBILLONES, Prado 101, Havana, Cuba. 

My Circus has not closed this year. 

At present it is doing splendid business in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.


The Billboard, July 21, 1917, page 27, columns 2 and 3.

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