“Little Ricky’s School Pageant” 1956 Signed Cast Photo from Lucy and Desi to Pepito and Joanne (2013)

I Love Lucy” cast signed photograph of the “Enchanted Forest” school recital featured within “I Love Lucy” Episode 163 “Little Ricky’s School Pageant” (Season 6, Episode 10), Desilu, 1956. Sold by Heritage Auctions in 2013 for $6,600.00. This photo hung on the wall of Joanne’s dance studio from 1956 until her estate was liquidated after her death in 2004.

Inscriptions include “Our Love and Gratitude To Joanne and Pepito From Lucy and Desi,” “Love From the Fairy Princess Vivian Vance,” “Special Best From Bill Frawley,” and “Richard Keith.”

Auction description: This 13 x 10.75 in. photograph of the entire cast from the I Love Lucy episode “Little Ricky’s School Pageant” including Lucy being flown above the stage as a witch on a broom. In a rare gesture, the entire lead cast has signed the mat with inscription to Pepito and his wife Joanne by Vivian Vance, Bill Frawley, Lucy, Desi and there’s even the childish signature of a young Richard Keith who played “Little Ricky Ricardo”. Pepito was the clown that starred in the I Love Lucy original pilot episode. Light toning on edges. Overall, very good condition. 

Source: Heritage Auctions website at https://entertainment.ha.com/itm/movie-tv-memorabilia/i-love-lucy-cast-signed-photograph-to-pepito-the-clown/a/997009-1030.s#

Were you one of the children in this production of Pepito & Joanne’s “Enchanted Forest” on “I Love Lucy”? Please leave a comment below and contact me!

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