Orange County Register: Were You A Dance Student of Joanne Perez? (2010)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Were you a dance student of Joanne Perez?

Joanne and Pepito Perez ran a dance studio in Orange County that they opened in 1941 when their days on the road as performers ended. Memorabilia collector Melani Carty attended the dance school in the 1970s (when she was Melani Motzkus.) Carty now runs the website She hopes to hear from other former students or anyone with knowledge of Pepito and Joanne’s careers and life together.

The photos in this slide show are from student dance performances throughout the years that Carty has in her collection. If you recognize someone in the photo and want to contact Carty, go to and click “Contact” to reach her.


The Orange County (California) Register

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