Biola University Newsletter: Studio B [Where the Perez Estate Money Was Spent] (2008)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Full scale construction is underway on Biola University, Studio B, Cinema & Media Arts and Journalism, and will be complete for Fall ’08 classes. The rough shape of the exterior is clearly visible now, and drywall has been installed in the interior. The new Equipment Checkout Room will be ready for business on June 24, and the old equipment room is now being remodelled to serve as Studio B. Later this week (week of June 23) the building will be wrapped in black paper in preparation for stucco.  We are still awaiting final funding for the equipment needed to outfit the complex. Several potential donors have expressed interest, so please be in prayer for them.

April 16, 2008

Work is underway again on this vital expansion of Biola’s Cinema, Media Arts, and Journalism facilities. Between now and the end of May the work that we can do is limited by the fact that the facility is in use for the Spring ’08 semester, but we have lined up several important tasks that can be completed:

• The south end of the building will become the new Equipment Checkout room, where cameras, lights, and other equipment are dispensed to students who need them for projects. This area was previously an air conditioning enclosure with a simple patio roof, and all of the equipment resting on the floor. That enclosure has been replaced by a fully enclosed room, and all the air conditioning equipment, which previously sat on the floor, is now hanging from the ceiling, allowing the floor space to be used as the new Equipment Checkout Room. A new concrete floor for this area was poured on April 15. Additional electrical work and framing of walls and counters will come soon.

• Also at the south end of the building, an outdoor work area for prop construction has been created. This area is immediately outside of the large double doors that lead into Studio A. In the past, students have done work on sidewalks and parking lot surfaces. Now there is an area where this can be done without interfering with traffic flow and without looking messy.

• Asphalt was installed west of the area that will be the new lobby. This will allow for a much tidier and efficient work area this summer.

The full-blown construction will be turned loose immediately following Spring Commencement, so the first full day of work will be Tuesday, May 27. The goal is to have all construction finished by August 27, the first day of classes for the Fall ’08 term.

While the $1 million gift received at the end of February has gotten the project moving again, the fundraising continues, and so your prayers are still needed. We need just over $100,000 to complete construction, and we need another $800,000 to buy all of the new equipment to outfit the complex. Thanks for you continuing support and prayers.

March 19, 2008

Thanks to an anonymous gift of $1 million, we are moving ahead aggressively to complete construction on this project by August 27, 2008, the first day of classes for the fall semester. The best window of opportunity will open right after graduation, so the project will hit full speed on Tuesday, May 27. In the meantime, we are getting all our contracts in order and completing a number of smaller tasks that will place us in position to succeed this summer.

Fundraising efforts are still going on to raise the small amount needed to complete construction, and the much larger amount needed to fully outfit the Production Center with new equipment.

Join us in thanking the Lord for this gift, and in continuing to ask Him to supply the rest of the need.

December 13, 2007

We have reached the end of what current funds can accomplish, and are now planning to wait until June to do further work on the project. Studio A and the Edit Bays have been in full use for the Fall semester, and we have faculty occupying the new offices that were completed in September. The only other thing that will happen between now and June is the painting of some raw wood for the sake of preservation.

Please continue to pray with us that our fund raising team will be directed to the right contacts.

August 24, 2007

We are nearing the end of the current phase of construction. Almost all of the available funding has been spent, and we need to get the facility back on line for the fall semester. Last spring, the faculty of Journalism and Cinema/Media Arts agreed to set up their course schedules so that we could continue construction into September. Studio A and the Edit Bays will be ready for student use no later than October 1. The new photos are beginning to show the architectural feel of the remodel. At three places, the architect has introduced a soaring roof element that recalls the designs popular in the 1950s when the facility was originally built. The south end of the project has a new roof extension that will support relocated air conditioning equipment and free up space for a new Equipment Check-out Room. The side facing Biola Ave. has two new faculty offices, and the entrance to these offices is defined by a smaller version of that sloping roof concept. (Those offices will be ready for new faculty by the end of next week.) The new lobby–which will be completed in the next phase of the project–is now defined by a curved row of steel columns which will be enclosed in glass and topped by another “soaring roof.”

Fund raising efforts continue, and we hope to resume construction in mid-December as funds permit. Please pray that we will be directed to the right donors.

July 16, 2007

Construction continues, with the focus on structural improvments to the building and on the electrical, water, and sewer connections needed to meet the requirements of the expanded building.

June 19, 2007

The Studio B project is underway. Biola’s film and television program first moved into its present location nine years ago, when the former junior high “Cafetorium” was remodeled to respond to the growing demand for improved facilities. At the time, a single, large studio was completed, and a second one, designated “Studio B” was included in the plans, but funding was not available to complete its construction. Thanks to the estate of Pepito and Joanne Perez, that work is now becoming a reality. The second studio will be home to a permanent news and talk show set, and will free the large studio for a variety of film and video projects.

In addition to completing the original vision for a second studio, the project has been expanded and re-designed. Here are the major features of the project:

•A new “Convergent Newsroom” that creates a multi-disiplinary environment where students can learn to the techniques of video, print, and audio journalism in one synergistic space, and can learn how the various media can be used together.

•An expanded Equipment Checkout room to house more equipment such as lights, cameras, microphones, and all the other tools of modern media;

•A new lobby for the building to give it a fresh entrance and to handle the many tours and visitors that come to the building;

•A Green Room/Lounge combination space;

•A new set of expanded restrooms to meet County plumbing codes and add convenient, secure restroom space for students that are doing late night projects.

•Two new faculty offices for Mass Com;

•Expanded outdoor workspace at the doors to Studio A in an area that will be shielded from public view.

Our challenge now is to go as far as the Perez Estate dollars will take us, and have the building back in usable condition early in the Fall semester. At the same time, we are praying for additional donations that will allow us to add all of the new features listed above. —Ken Bascom Senior Director of Facilities Planning and Construction.

June 23, 2008 Photos

The South end of the building. The grey door to the right is the exterior door to the Equipment Checkout room.

Interior of the Equipment Checkout room. The relocated air conditioning equipment can be seen hanging from the ceiling.

Behind this curved brick wall is a work space for preparing sets and props for the Studios. See April update for a photo of the work area.

The dramatic new lobby is taking shape.

A closer look at the lobby.

Two new restrooms will be available for general daytime use, with secure access after hours for late-night users of the Production Center

The Convergent Newsroom (see June 19, 2007 update) takes shape.

The ceiling of the new Studio B space will be about 18′ high. News desk and talk show sets here will free Studio A for larger, more demanding projects.


Biola University,


Monday, June 8, 2009 – 01:58 PM

Iwa Iniki

So sad.  This is not all what Joanne wanted.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 – 12:39 PM


I know. I agree. I spoke with her, and this is not what she wanted. And Biola tore her house APART (even removing stone from the fireplaces) to sell anything of value. It was like rape.

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