Letter From Lucille Ball to Joanne Perez (1983)

Thursday, August 18, 1983

A one-page handwritten letter from the Lucille Ball to long-time friend, Joanne Perez, written on Lucy’s personal stationery. In blue ink, she writes, 

“Joanne dear—Thank you for remembering my birthday—hope you had a chance to see some of that marathon on TV. Pepito had a lot to do with our initial success—Stay well—you looked beautiful last time I saw you.  — Love, Lucy.” 

Joanne was married for 50 years to Pepito Perez, the Spanish Clown, who assisted Lucy and Desi in the development of their 1950 vaudeville tour. Later, Pepito would appear in the pilot of I Love Lucyas well as a second season episode, “Lucy’s Show Biz Swan Song.” Lucy makes reference to Pepito’s contributions in her letter to Joanne. 

Letter is accompanied by the original envelope which Lucy hand addressed. An August 18, 1983, postmark cancellation is displayed on the envelope. Envelope flap on backside features Lucy’s Beverly Hills home address. 

Accompanied by an original photograph, taken 30 years earlier, of Lucy and Desi with Pepito and Joanne. The picture shows the foursome at the Desilu ranch in Chatsworth, California standing behind a bassinette which cradles Lucy and Desi’s infant son, Desi, Jr.  Auction item originally obtained from the Estate of Pepito & Joanne Perez.

Note 8 by 6 inches; Photo 5 by 4 inches

From: https://www.julienslive.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/23/lot/5667/

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