Pepito’s Filmography: “I Love Lucy” Episode 52: Lucy’s Show-Biz Swan Song (1952)

Monday, December 22, 1952

The now-pregnant Lucy tries, for one last time, to “get in the show” as Ricky is putting on a Gay Nineties revue—failing all else, she “crashes” the Barbershop Quartet number (singing Good Night Ladies), leading into a “pie fight” of shaving cream.  Highlights of the episode include the auditions, including Pepito the Spanish clown with imitating a baby, riding the world’s smallest bicycle and imitating a lion tamer—also the quartet ‘practicing’ in the Ricardos’ apartment, and Ricky demonstrating his ‘Irish’ accent.

Filmed on Friday, October 17, 1952, it was telecast by CBS two months later, on December 22, 1952. Unlike most Lucy episodes, which tended to run longer than the prescribed 25-30 minute running time, this show actually ran short — by about 3 minutes. Desi Arnaz immediately called his old friend Pepito the Spanish Clown (Jose Escobar Perez), and asked him to do a short routine that could be edited into the audition scenes of this show. Guess what usually gets edited OUT today when local stations decide to add more commercial time!  This extra scene was filmed November 7, 1952, the night “Lucy Becomes a Sculptress” was produced.  To further fill the show, the Santa Claus/Christmas routine from 1951 was added onto the end.

“I Love Lucy: Lucy’s Show-Biz Swan Song (#2.12)” (1952) TV Episode [Actor] (Jose Escobar Perez as Pepito the Clown)

EPISODE NAME: “Lucy’s Show Biz Swan Song”


DATE AIRED: December 22, 1952

DATE FILMED: October 17, 1952


EXTRA CAST: Jerry, the agent- Jerry Hausner; Clown- Pepito, the Spanish Clown

Lucy’s Showbiz Swan Song – I Love Lucy episode 52 , season 1

originally aired 12/22/1952


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