“I Love Lucy” Season 1 Episode 6, “The Audition” (1951)

Monday, November 19, 1951

The I Love Lucy episode titled “The Audition” first aired on November 19, 1951.  Lucy’s act as the dim professor with the uncooperative cello is the vaudeville routine that Pepito taught her. unfortunately, Pepito does not appear as himself in Episode 6 to reprise his role from the Lost Pilot. Instead his role was filled by “Boffo the Clown,” Pat Moran. However, Pepito’s influence on Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, as the creator of the famous Loaded Cello routine, cannot be overlooked.

The following text is from http://www.clown-ministry.com/index_1.php?/site/articles/the_audition_i_love_lucy_season_1/

“In many ways, The Audition is a classic episode of I Love Lucy.  the episode begins with Ricky preparing for his audition for a television show that night at his club—which he doesn’t want Lucy to know about, since he knows how she will pester him to let her be part of the show.  As part of his plot to keep her busy during the day, he sends her to deliver the wills that he has had written up to a lawyer.  While she is doing that, Ricky is rehearsing at the club, wanting everything to be perfect.  However, a professional clown named “Boffo” injures himself during the rehearsal (in a very funny bit, where the bicycle he rides around the stage has the brakes lock up and he goes flying through a table) and Ricky has Fred take him to the Ricardo’s apartment to rest before the performance.

Lucy comes home, only to find a strange man (in hobo clown make up) sleeping in her living room.  After a moment of misunderstanding, Boffo explains what happened, as well as spilling the beans about the TV audition that night.  While demonstrating what happened, Boffo does the same thing, this time crashing through Lucy and Desi’s kitchen door.  Unable to perform, he suggests that Lucy take his place.  That night, Desi performs his signature song “Babalu” with lots of energy, and then is about to close the show early since Boffo hasn’t shown up.  However, Lucy shows up in clown character as “The Professor” who’s looking for “Risky Riskero,” wanting to audition her cello playing.  She uses a wonderful comic prop cello, in one of her funniest performances ever.  This entire segment is a riot, and the entire episode is highly recommended.  This is a partial re-make of the “I Love Lucy” pilot, using the special props and routines prepared by Pepito the Spanish Clown.”

11/19/51: “The Audition”
I Love Lucy Episode 6 – Filmed 10/12/51
Story: Ricky tries to keep Lucy away from the club while he does a TV audition, but when a clown has an accident and can’t make it, Lucy shows up in his place.
Guests: Pat Moran (Buffo, the Clown), Bennett Green (Stagehand), Jess Oppenheimer (network rep), Harry Ackerman (network rep), Hal Hudson (network rep)

This is a remake of the I Love Lucy Pilot Episode

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