VIDEO: Pepito’s Filmography: “Iron Man” Starring Jeff Chandler & Rock Hudson (1951)

Friday, August 17, 1951

Pepito Trivia Challenge: if you spot Pepito (Jose Escobar Perez) in his uncredited role in the original major motion picture release Iron Man, use the email link below to let us know in which scenes he appears.

Watch the complete 1951 fit noir “Iron Man” motion picture on YouTube, starring Jeff Chandler and Rock Hudson.

Synopsis: Iron Man is a 1951 American film noir drama sport film directed by Joseph Pevney and starring Jeff Chandler, Evelyn Keyes and Stephen McNally. The film features an early appearance by Rock Hudson playing a competing boxer. In Coaltown, Pennsylvania, miner Coke Mason hopes to better himself, buy a radio store, and marry Rose Warren. His gambler brother George thinks Coke can be more successful as a boxer, knowing that when he fights he’s consumed with a murderous rage that makes him an “iron man.” Seeing dollar signs in Rose’s eyes, Coke reluctantly agrees, though he’s fearful of the “killer instinct” that makes him a knockout success in the ring…and brings him the booing hatred of the fans. Will Coke throw off his personal demon before he kills someone? 

Release Date: August 17, 1951

Premiere Information: World premiere in Pittsburgh, PA: 17 Aug 1951, New York opening: 17 Aug 1951, Los Angeles opening: 18 Aug 1951

Production Date: Jan 12 to Feb 16, 1951

Duration: 80-82 minutes

Production Company: Universal-International Pictures Co., Inc.

Distribution Company: Universal Pictures Co., Inc.

Country: United States



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