VIDEO: Pepito’s Filmography: “Branded” Starring Alan Ladd (1950)

Wednesday, November 1, 1950

In the Alan Ladd action-adventure drama Branded, Pepito Perez (real name, Jose Escobar Perez) has a small, uncredited role.  

Synopsis: Twenty-five years ago the Lavery baby was kidnapped. Alan Ladd plays Choya, a bandit who poses as the long-lost son of a wealthy Texas rancher to gain the Lavery estate. Shamed by the kindness of his new family and attracted to his lovely “sister” Ruth, Choya fesses up to her and vows to right the wrong he’s done the family. To redeem himself, he rides out in search of the real missing heir … and into adventure as big as the western sky.

Pepito Perez (right) in the part of the houseman for the Lavery family, in the Alan Ladd Technicolor motion picture “Branded,” 1950.

Pepito Research Challenge: Find the scenes where Pepito appears as the Lavery Family’s houseman, and email us the minute markers.

Watch the entirety of the motion picture “Branded” online.



Internet Movie Database,

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