VIDEO: Pepito’s Filmography: “Red, Hot and Blue” Starring Betty Hutton & Victor Mature (1949)

Friday, November 25, 1949

In “Red, Hot and Blue,” an aspiring actress’ rising career is threatened when she finds a dead gangster in her apartment. Eleanor Collier (Betty Hutton) is taken hostage by gangster Hair-Do Lempke, who demands that she name his boss’s killer. Eleanor is unable to name the murderer, but buys time by telling Lempke about her last six months in New York City.

Pepito Perez is in the part of Waiter at Perrin’s Restaurant (uncredited). Eleanor jumps up from her restaurant table and bumps into the waiters on her way out the door. (Pepito Perez is the waiter with the white trim on his lapels and sleeves).

Watch the entire motion picture online below. Director John Farrow showcases Betty Hutton’s mile-a-minute dialogue, singing and dancing, and her effervescent, energetic personality.  Bob Hope aptly described her as “A vitamin pill with legs.”

Find Pepito Perez’s scenes with Betty Hutton as a restaurant waiter.




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