Ogden Standard Examiner: Graceful Juanita, One of the Dancers With International Scandals (1940)

Sunday, December 8, 1940

GRACEFUL Juanita, one of the dancers with ‘International Scandals,’ coming to the Egyptian for two days only.” 

This was Joanne Perez’s final publicity photo pose. She began her career in vaudeville in 1926 as an acrobatic dancer and pianist, joined up with Pepito at age 20 as his female foil and stage partner, and concluded her career in 1941-1942 doing tastefully exotic acrobatic dancing in cabarets.

Pepito and Joanne retired from performing at the outset of World War II. Pepito opened a charterboat deep-sea fishing business, and Joanne began teaching ballet in the guest cottage behind their house on Goldenrod Street in Corona Del Mar.


Ogden (Utah) Standard Examiner, December 8, 1940. Page 14A, Column 2.

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