Yachting Magazine: Pepito the Spanish Clown Advertisement For Matthews Boats and Sterling Petrel Engines (1931)

Thursday, October 1, 1931

Pepito the celebrated Spanish clown, is the owner of a Matthews cruiser equipped with a Sterling Petrel 180-200 H.P. engine.  Many members of the profession are yachtsmen.

The ownership of a motor boat, allows relaxation, enjoyment and health…crowning ultimates of good living.  Check the sizes of engines used in stock cruisers.  Check the speed in miles per hour with the engine and propeller revolutions.  

In Matthews cruisers the Sterling Petrel engine, with its greater piston displacement, turns a larger propeller at 1900 maximum revolutions, a safe engine speed.  To equal the attained boat speed, any engine, comparative in price or rated power, must turn a smaller propeller about fifteen percent faster.  The added fifteen percent is a straining effort, especially in an unbalanced engine.

Mechanically, the Petrel possesses the advantage of a larger, heavier crankshaft, with 7 main bearings, counter weighted and dynamically balanced, a superior clutch and reverse gear and other important features, more than offsetting the difference in price.

If you are considering a Matthews boat, may we send the Petrel catalog and tell you why a Sterling is the better investment?

12 to 600 horsepower


E N G I N E   C O M P A N Y


W.H. Moreton Corp., 1045 Commonwealth Ave., distributors, Boston

Bruns, Kimball & Co., 5th Ave. at 15th St., distributors, New York

Editor’s Note:  I believe that Pepito named his 1931 Matthews boat “The Phantom.”  See other post here.


MotorBoating – Oct 1931


Vol. 48, No. 4 – ‎Magazine – ‎Full view

Yachting – Volume 50 – Page 119


1931 – ‎Snippet view – ‎More editions

P E P I T O celebrated Spanish clown, is the owner of a Matthews cruiser equipped with a Sterling Petrel 180-200 H.P. engine. Many members of the profession are yachtsmen

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