Pacific Motor Boat Magazine: Famous Clown Pepito Takes to Motor Boating In Matthews 38 Sport Cruiser (1931)

Pepito, celebrated Spanish clown who is familiar to patrons of R.K.O. theaters throughout the United States, recently purchased a 38-foot Matthews single cabin sport cruiser of the type shown on this page. Pepito, also illustrated herewith in the wheelhouse of his new boat, will bring his new ship to Los Angeles, its home port, when he completes his present tour, some time in July.

It was while Pepito was on tour in the Middle West that he dropped off at The Matthews Company plant in Port Clinton, Ohio, to inspect the boat he had ordered. With him were Mr. and Mrs. Sam White of Ziegfield Follies fame, who go under the name of Puck and White on the stage.

Pepito’s new boat, the Phantom, supplied him with an opportunity for some rather unusual antics which he was only too willing to put on for the benefit of the photographer who snapped the accompanying view, Pepito having brought along one of his stage costumes and his make-up kit.

As previously noted, the hailing port of Pepito’s Matthews “38” will be Los Angeles, California, although he purchased the boat while in New York from Bruns, Kimball and Company.

Pepito is a Spaniard who has already been in the movies, having starred opposite Greta Garbo in one of her pictures, “The Divine Woman,” and likewise too the part of the clown with Charlie Chaplin in his big picture, “The Circus.” He has at other times occupied leading roles in the movies. His real name is Jose Escobar. He is a naturalized citizen of this country, with his home in Hollywood.

Oddly enough, this young man is an experienced yachtsman and an enthusiastic sportsman. One of the unusual uses which he plans for the Matthews “38” cruiser is to serve as a carrier to the Catalina Islands for a miniature and specially built Packard car, which he intends to run into the after cockpit of the boat, and land at the Catalina Islands for use there.

Pepito is known on the coast as an enthusiastic deep sea fisherman. He has a one-piece fishing rod made of whalebone which is his constant companion on his fishing trips along the coast.

Phantom, Pepito’s new boat, is a type of Matthews-designed craft which has proven popular with sportsmen, including deep sea fishermen such as is Pepito. The craft has numerous features which recommend it for sport cruising, hunting and fishing afloat, not to forget a deep forward cockpit which is protected by a full tilting windshield. The cockpit’s capacity is four persons, in comfort. The cushions are of bright red leather. It is noted that the deck canopy is foreshortened, leaving the aft end unprotected but excellently adapted to the use of fishing tackle. In the 1931 Matthews single cabin sport cruiser, the galley, toilet and cabin are larger than in preceding models, the builders inform. A 175 h.p. Kermath “Sea-Hawk” marine motor of six cylinders of valve in head design, develops a speed of 20 m.p.h. in this 38-foot craft.

The after cockpit of the 38 footer is equipped with a comfortable upholstered cross seat which does not extend entirely across the cockpit, but is located at about the aft end of the engine hatches. This seat is portable, and due to its location is more useful than when located at the extreme stern of the cockpit, the builders declare. The craft’s equipment includes new Monel Metal screens for all openings, a special binnacle and compass, and boat hook.

The price of the 38-foot Matthews single cabin sport cruiser at Port Clinton, Ohio, is $7,950, completely equipped.

The Matthews line of standardized cruisers is merchandized on the Pacific Coast by Boardman and Flower’s boat salon at San Francisco. W.C. Hammersmith of Los Angeles is another owner of a new Matthews cruiser, his ship being a 46-foot double cabin craft. The Boardman and Flower salon is located at 1740 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco.

En Espanol: Translation by Marivi Escobar Santo Tomas

Pepito, famoso payaso español, conocido entre los patrocinadores de teatros R.K.O.por todo EE.U.U., recientemente compró un Mattheus de 38 pies de un solo camarote del tipo mostrado en esta página. Pepito, también familiarizado con el timón de su nuevo barco, va a traerlo a Los Angeles, su puerto de base, cuando complete su actual ruta en el transcurso de este mes de julio. 

Fue, durante la ruta  por Middle West cuando Pepito asomó por la planta de la compañia Matthews en Port Clinton, Ohio, para inspeccionar el barco que había encargado. Con él estuvieron los famosos Sr. Y Sra. Sam White de Ziegfield que actúan en escena  bajo el nombre de ‘Puck’ y ‘White’. 

El nuevo barco de Pepito le proporcionó la oportunidad de hacer alguna de sus inusuales extravagancias de las que estaba demasiado deseoso de poner en práctica, para beneficio del fotógrafo que cazó la instantánea de Pepito vistiendo uno de sus trajes de escena con su maquillaje propio de payaso. 

Como se ha dicho anteriormente ,el puerto base del “Matthews 38” será Los Angeles, California, aunque él adquirió el barco en New York en Burns Kimball y Cía. 

Pepito es un español que ha colaborado en el cine, habiendo actuado con Greta Garbo en una de sus películas “La Mujer Divina”, así como en el papel de payaso con Charlie Chaplin en su gran película “El Circo”. Tiempo atrás desarrolló papeles de líder en el cine. Su verdadero nombre es José Escobar. Es un ciudadano nacionalizado en este país con su hogar en Hollywood. 

Singularmente, este jóven es un experto marino deportivo y un entusiasta deportista. Uno de los servicios inusuales que planea para su “Matthews 38” es utilizarlo como transporte a las Islas Catalina con un coche miniatura Packard especialmente fabricado para él, con el que intenta conducir tras los asientos de popa y atracar en las Islas Catalina para su uso por allí. 

Pepito es conocido en la costa como un entusiasta pescador de profundidades. Tiene una caña de pescar de una sola pieza, hecha de hueso de ballena que está en constate compañía con él en sus rutas pesqueras por la costa. 

“Phantom”, el nuevo barco de Pepito, es un tipo de diseño de embarcación Matthews que se ha hecho popular entre los deportistas, incluso percadores de profundidad como lo es Pepito. 


Pacific Motor Boat Magazine, July 1931, page 16.

Sincerest Gratitude to Marivi Escobar Santo Tomas, great-grand-niece of Pepito (Jose Escobar Perez), for translating this text from English to Spanish.

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