Syracuse Herald: Juanita Falcy’s Dilemma, Concert Pianist or Acrobatic Dancer? (1931)

When one is so gifted that one can choose between a career as a concert pianist and that of a specialty acrobatic dancer, then one is gifted indeed.  That’s the dilemma Juanita*, blonde partner of Pepito, Keith’s clown, found herself in during the early days of her career.

Juanita, whose full name off stage is Juanita Falcy, inherited her musical talent from her father, a famous orchestral leader, who trained her to be a concert pianist.

But Juanita’s twinkling toes and graceful body just couldn’t stay “put” — she’d find herself swaying to the rhythmic interpretations of her own music in spite of herself.  Finally she decided that she’d rather be a dancer than a pianist, anyway.  

Members of The Herald Cinema Critics Club will attend Keith’s tomorrow night as guests of William J. Tubbert, managing director.

*Juanita was the stage name of Joanne Perez, partner to Pepito the Spanish Clown.


Syracuse Herald, Thursday, April 16, 1931

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