Brooklyn Daily Star: Pepito the Spanish Clown On Vaudeville Bill At RKO Flushing Theater (1931)

Saturday, February 21, 1931

Pepito, the famous Spanish clown will contribute his share in making the bill entertaining.  Pepito can do anything in mimicry and pantomime, from crowing like a rooster to imitating a baby crying when its milk bottle is taken away.  Strange as it seem, one of the greatest clowns in the show business today, came upon clowning accidentally.  He started out to become one of Spain’s great painters when fate suddenly switched him to make funny faces and funnier noises for a career.  He was painting funny faces for clown costumes in his studio, when one day he decided to try his hand at clowning himself.  He fixed up a costume for himself and went on the stage just for a lark.  How he succeeded is attested by the fact that he very shortly received a summons to become the Court Jester and entertainer in the palace at Madrid.


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