Poughkeepsie Daily Eagle: Pepito’s Clown Tricks Make Hit At Bardavon Theater (1926)

Friday, January 29, 1926

Pepito, who appears at the Bardavon Theater this week, is not merely a clown, nor merely a Spanish clown.  He should be called the Clown de Luxe.  For no opportunity is lost to make his stage setting unusual and effective.  When the curtain goes up on an African desert and reveals a Zulu standing beside a real lion, one becomes interested.  Interest turns to amusement when the lion ambles away and reveals that the noble form of the king of beasts extending only to his neck and that the rest of him is a shaggy collie dog.  But the amusement keeps up throughout the act, for while Pepito is not the funniest comedian on the stage today, he is a versatile one.  His imitations are the funniest part of the act, but it’s no small stunt that he does when he stages a bicycle act and rides a bike not much bigger than a pair of horn-rimmed spectacles.  Pretty girls in Spanish costumes, who play the saxophone, the cornet and the clarinet, and the aforementioned Zulu add variety to the act.


Poughkeepsie Eagle News, January 29, 1926, page 2, column 2.

With gratitude to the newspaper database at FultonHistory.com.

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