Theatre Magazine: Pepito the Spanish Clown (1924)

Tuesday, April 1, 1924

The Spice of Variety.  Song, Dance and Comedy Unite to Animate the Two-A-Day.

PEPITO, a new phase of the Spanish vogue.  The debonair clown from Madrid has been a wholly captivating addition to the native funmakers.”

BOBBY FOLSOM:  A singing comedienne of rare humor and precision, attended by her own band, has scored one of the hits of the season.

GRACE LA RUE:  Returns to vaudeville to act as well as to sing, appearing as Mrs. Hale Hamilton in a sketch with her husband.

EL BRENDEL:  The gentle voice and wicked accent of this shy Swede are welcomed once more to the halls from which he has been absent too long.

PEARL REGAY:  The graceful, slender danseuse is appearing in a new program whcih combines the beauties of dance and costuming with finished artistry.

This is an 1924 halftone page from the April, 1924 issue of Theatre Magazine, spotlighting two-a-day (vaudeville) entertainers El Brendel, Pearl Regay, Pepito the Spanish Clown, Grace La Rue, and Bobby Folsom.  El Brendel was a vaudeville comedian and later a movie star. He is remembered for his role in the musical, “Just Imagine.”  Grace La Rue was an American actress and singer who performed in vaudeville and in the “Ziegfeld Follies” of 1908.


Theatre Magazine, April 1924, page 37.

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