Billboard Magazine: The Minutos, Polidor, Pepito and Carmelo, Clowns with Santos & Artigas Circus in Brazil (1920)

Saturday, November 6, 1920

SANTOS & ARTIGAS “Blue” Circus Doing Well in South America

The following notes from the Santos & Artigas Circus, mailed at Para, Brazil, South America, September 17, 1920, were received by The Billboard last week:

At present there are two other circuses in this city besides the Santos & Artigas “Blue” Circus – Nelson Bros. and the International Circus. 

This show is playing the Palace Theater here to good business, and it is reported that the Shipp & Feltus Circus, which is playing on the West Coast, is doing well.  Santos & Artigas play ten performances here, and then leave for Barbados, West Indies; then to Caracas, Venezuela, and Colombia, striding through Panama and the Central American countries as far as Mexico, then to Cuba to open the fall season. 

This is without a doubt the largest company of its nature ever seen in these parts, and there is difficulty ub transportation, as the boats are few and far between, and everything is very high priced at present. The following acts are with the show: 

The Three Arleys, perch; The Wonders, jugglers; The Waltons, riders; Chinese Troupe, Three Willeys, head balancers; Ella Troupe, Embark Ola Troupe of Arabs, Castrillion Troupe, Three Darings, rings; the Minutos, Polidor, Pepito and Carmelo, clowns; The Dainty Girl, Wilmouth’s Lions and Weeden’s Tigers.

Santos y Artigas Circus program, stumbled upon on the interweb.  Pepito y Carmelo, entrad comicos.  Incredibly early Pepito photo at bottom of program page, circa November 1920.  


The Billboard, November 6, 1920, column 2.

With special thanks to the newspaper database at

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