Billboard Magazine: Pepito and Augusto in Pubillones Circus in Cuba (1914)


November 21, 1914.

The Pubillones Circus opens Thursday night in the Politeama Theater to a packed house of the elite of Havana.  Many Americans were here also to see the big opening of the Barnum of Cuba. The show went through without a hitch, with Joe Miller, of the Ringling Show, and his two assistants, K. Y. Jessie and Harry Raymore, handling the props.  Mr. Miller has his hands full trying to make the Cubans understand what he wants them to do.

The acts with the show are: Miss Darling, with her troupe of dogs; The Maginleys. double trapeze act;  Les Jardys, carrying perch; James Powell, principal act; clown number by Pepito and Augusto; The Leach-La Quinlan Trio, novelty wire number; Fred Darling’s comedy mule and ponies; Captain Webb’s riding seals; Brothers Powell, double jockey; Les Jardys’ troupe of acrobats; The Three Arthurs, cycling act.

The show is nicely arranged and is one of the best variety programs Mr. Pubillones has had for years.

The aggregation will play in the Politeama Theater until December 18, 1914, when it will begin a road season, playing from two-day to week stands through the sugar cane district of the Island.

The Seigrist-Silben Troupe and Marguerite and her lions are expected to Join Thanksgiving Day.


Billboard Magazine, December 5, 1914

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